Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Syunik is the Ideal Place!

Extreme Tourism Armenia

Now a day if it is the matter of Extreme tourism, then you will first hear the name of Armenia because it is the most popular place for the extreme tourism. Actually, extreme tourism is about the dangerous actions and travelling some dangerous sites. But now you can take all the enjoyment and fun without any risk or dangerous mountains as well as the rocks. Now you can make your journey without any risk because the most popular helicopter tour of Armenia is there for you. By this tour you will be able to see all the scenario and landscapes clearly from the bird’s eye.
Mountain biking, mountain cycling are also very interesting game and these game can be practiced by you at this country as some rock and mountains are situated in this country. Before you try these games first you have to consider that whether your physical level will allow for this or not. Otherwise, there are many games for you according to your health and these games can also make your tour extreme. Syunik is such a place where you can find some rivers and mountains for these sporty activities. For the professional people who are attached with these types of games can continue their practice during their tour also. Then trek on Mount Aragats, highest peak of the Lesser Caucasus and extinct volcano with the largest craters in world.  The classic bike tour with the relaxed rides & opportunities for the challenging days can be best for the keen cyclists.

You can experience Caucasian hospitality at the best, you can visit wineries, sample the Armenian cuisine or Georgian polyphonic singing. Armenia is for active & adventurous people. Accompanied by the mountain guides and the undertake day walks in hidden corners of the Armenia. Daily your exploration may give all new settings - from the deep canyons and the extraordinary volcanic landscapes to the picturesque forest trails as well as serene lakes. You can visit 2 nature parks, treasuries of the natural and the cultural heritage recently opened to the tourism. Experiencing traditions and culture of this known country off beaten path is one more other treat you cannot miss. The unique cultural tour in Armenia, historical sites, ideal landscapes and lush forests of the northern Armenia and the rocky landscapes of south, biblical Mount Ararat, villages, food & wine.

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